Breathwork 7 Day Mini-course

If you are ready for a change, more support or a new way to meditate I invite you to join!

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Relieve Stress

Do this practice daily to relax, get clear and connect with your inner guidance.

Daily Meditation

No matter where you are in your meditation journey, this practice is your doorway to deeper daily practice.

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Heal Yourself

A daily personal practice that heals your body and mind.

"During my Reiki Session with Millana she made me feel at ease not only with what was physically happening in my life, but energetically put me at ease even before we stared. Since then, I have quit my job, gone on vacation, and started my own business. I have regularly had maintenance Reiki sessions with Millana just to amp up the good momentum I have going in my life, but in that one session, I've felt my body regain my natural health, I’ve fell my soul come back into alignment, and I have more clarity, focus, and emotional freedom."

Co-founder and COO of Tradiies

Here's How to Start a New Daily Meditation Practice!

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"Thank you @millanasnow for starting my true healing with your work! I can feel the expansiveness and I appreciate so much that I waited the time I did to begin that work with you!"

Perinatal Mental Health Provider

Hey it's me, Millana

Here is why I think you should join me for this week long breathwork mini-course!


This is a MAJOR part of my self-care, and self-care has made everything in my life better!


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